Basic Tutorials

The Interface (02:05)

A quick overview of the basic interface elements. Also introducing the Help System.

Placing Nodes (02:35)

All about node basics: creating, positioning, deleting, selecting, etc.

Virtual Wires (03:20)

What are wires and how to make or break a connection between nodes. Also: adapting the wire style and hiding.

Multicables (04:12)

About the other type of wires: "Multi-Connectors" and "Stage Boxes"

Configuration (02:11)

There are several settings to personalize, like wires etc. But also important are sample speed, port numbers, and safety.

Visualizing IO (02:38) has a comfortable number of ways to see a value. Here we introduce 5 meters. Each has a specific application.

Using Game HID (01:55)

How to use your joystick, steering wheel or gamepad.

Using MIDI (02:47)

MIDI is an interesting way to get motion into There are a lot of control surfaces out there. Here are the basics to get MIDI into

Using OSC (02:18)

OSC stands for Open Sound Control. It's a protocol for communication between computers an other multimedia devices. Use input from a range of equipment and controllers.