Advanced Tutorials

Using External Input as Button (01:34)

Some input devices, like MIDI, deliver analog input only. Even if it has only 2 states: On/Off (1/0). MIDI buttons are an example. This video shows how to use them.

CINEMA 4D Control (06:57) has build-in CINEMA 4D support. This video shows how to use 3 MIDI input channels to control the rotation of a C4D "Cube" object.

Import Data from CINEMA 4D (3:44))

The advanced plugin for C4D can send feedback, so you can use C4D as a superb input device!

The Step Sequencer (1) (05:11)

Design the motion and control 3 servos with the Step Sequencer node.

The Step Sequencer (2) (04:10)

In the first Step Sequencer tutorial we build a little "industrial robot" and created the motion for 3 servo motors. Now we are going to use this motion to control a virtual robot in C4D.

C4D motion to servos (01:33)

This example illustrates grabbing motion generated in CINEMA 4D to control servo motors.