Input - OSC

OSC stands for ‘Open Sound Control’. It is a protocol for communication amongst computers and other multimedia devices. OSC was originally researched and developed at the Berkeley Center For New Music and Audio Technology. Although originating in music technology, it is now widely used to control all kinds of equipment.

The OSC node opens the gates between iOS/Android/Mac/Windows apps on one side and and CINEMA 4D on the other.

The introduction of the smartphone type mobile devices is triggering the birth of a huge amount of apps implementing touch controllable interfaces. But also electronic devices can be designed to send OSC messages. If this data is send trough the network and if the OSC node can pick it up, it will be available to create motion in the CGI world.

Key features:

  • Use countless OSC apps with
  • Generate and record motion in realtime as keyframes
  • Both WiFi and wired
  • Auto detection of incoming OSC messages
  • Clear setup dialog offers great overview of OSC message data
  • Manual blocking (and de-blocking) of excess auto-detected messages
  • Separate listing of used and blocked OSC messages
  • Easy accessible channel editor with auto/manual detection/normalization of the value
  • Optional renaming of elaborate OSC message names
  • Manual selection of value use as axis or button
  • Simultaneous use of multiple OSC apps
  • Every message has an IP and port indication.
  • The use of specialized electronic equipment to generate motion in CGI is possible
  • Payload detection of up to 4 analog values per OSC message
  • Capable of sending 64 (Mac) or 24 (Win) values including 8 buttons to CINEMA 4D
  • Channel setups can be saved for re-use OSC specifications:

  • Reliable wireless/wired connection required
  • With WiFi: host and client on the same network
  • OSC Network protocol: UDP
  • Unidirectional data transport (client > server)
  • Maximum of 4 parameters / OSC message
  • First message parameter can be used as button
  • Maximum of 64 (Mac) or 24 (Win) axes transmission
  • Maximum of 8 buttons transmission
  • Wide range of controller values supported with default or manual normalization to 0..1
  • Simplified OSC data type set. The supported OSC data types:
    • 32 bit integer
    • 32 bit float